Seka Hills Cinnamon Creamed Honey

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Séka Hills Wildflower Honey draws its distinctive taste from the rolling hills and fields of Northern California’s Capay Valley. Its richness and depth come from the extensive variety of wildflowers such as redbud, rose clover and ceanothus found on 12,000 acres of tribal land, where thousands of hives are strategically distributed.

We partner with our local beekeeper who runs hives throughout the rolling hills and grasslands of our tribal lands. Our creamed honey is a crystallized version of our delicious wildflower honey. The final product is smooth and velvety with a rich and creamy texture. Proud of our rich Native American heritage, the Séka Hills product line was named in our Patwin Language after the blue hills in the capay valley.

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Seka Hills Cinnamon Creamed Honey