2023 250ml Coratina Olive Oil

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The newest Séka Hills offering of single varietal extra virgin olive oils. The olive originates from the Puglia—the southern region of Italy known as “boot,” and now widely planted. Coratina is valued for its high phenolic compounds, good yield, and quality oil it produces. From the 35-acre Chalom orchard, directly across (south) from tribal offices, the orchard was planted in 2019.  These estate olives were harvested and delivered immediately to our world-class Alpha Laval mill. Well balanced, with the typical Coratina almond aroma, harmonious, complex with solid structure, pungency and bitterness delivers a pleasant persistent finish. Layers of herbaceous, grassy, and fresh green flavors, this oil dances on the tongue.

• Use with recipes calling for a bold EVOO

• Adds punch and flavor to finished dishes

• Try with popcorn!

Olive Variety: Coratina
Intensity: Medium to Robust
Flavor:  Layers of herbaceous, grassy, and fresh green flavors
Harvest Date: October/November 2023
Region: Capay Valley
Grown, Milled and Bottled: Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation

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2023 250ml Coratina Olive Oil